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Brewery of the month

During the month of April, O’Darby’s is featuring Devils Backbone Brewing Company as the Brewery of the Month. Haven’t heard about Devils Backbone yet? Well, now’s a great time to get acquainted with the beer as well as the name!

Devils Backbone (DB) is located in Roseland, VA. It’s not all that close to Rock Hill, however, I think the mission of the brewery is definitely one that Rock Hillians can appreciate and identify with, especially as our summer season nears! DB is a brewery that seeks to enhance “back porches, campfires, dinner tables, hiking summits, fishing boats, beach chairs, pig roasts, tailgates, crab feasts, ball games, ski lodges, strummin’ sessions, and anywhere else you find yourself enjoying life”. Now that is certainly something we local folks understand!

O’Darby’s has three DB beers on sale this month that are quite popular and offer a nice overall accompaniment to “enjoying life”. I hope you’ll take advantage of these nice sale prices!

O’Darby’s Beer Manager

$9.49 DEVILS BACKBONE Vienna Lager, 6-pack $10.99 reg.
With its amber chestnut colored good looks and smooth malty finish, Vienna Lager was an obvious choice to put into package. It blends color and flavor without heaviness or bitterness. Just as Vienna Lagers historically inspired Munich’s Oktoberfest beers to evolve, this amber lager has evolved since we opened in 2008 into the award-winning beer it is today. Experience the taste and tradition. Mild, Toasted, Caramel . ABV: 5.2

$9.49 DEVILS BACKBONE Eight Point IPA, 6-pack $10.99 reg.
This is the first batch of beer we brewed after the conception of Devils Backbone Brewing Company in 2008. Our brewmaster Jason Oliver was thinking about how to design the IPA when he heard a rustle near his fence line (just touching the woods) where he saw two young proud eight point bucks walking along it. He decided to name the beer after those young bucks as it seemed to fit the spirit of the beer,which is proud, brash, youthful, yet approachable.  Citrus, Pine, Snap. ABV: 6.2

$11.49 DEVILS BACKBONE Cattywampus Belgian IPA, 6-pack $12.99 reg.
A blend of old & new world techniques, ingredients, and flavors. Brewed both like an IPA & Belgian ale, it blends pine and citrus hop flavors with hints of apple and pear from a special Belgian yeast strain to create unrivaled synergy.  Pineapple, Pear, Hop. ABV: 7.5

Read more about Devils Backbone Brewing Company here!