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Brewery of the month

O’Darby’s is excited to celebrate Sugar Creek Brewing Company as its brewery of the month for June. For close to three years now, Sugar Creek Brewing Company in Charlotte, NC has been “breaking the rules” of brewing traditions, evolving past the restrictions of the brewing industry. The final result: High-quality Belgian style beers full of complex and unique flavors. The Sugar Creek brewing team boasts “breaking the rules” as a motto. They are fully committed to the end result, regardless of how to reach it (even, perhaps, if it means a little craziness.

We’re glad to have Sugar Creek (SC) beers on sale this month, too! We’re offering SC Raspberry Ale, IPA, Pale Ale, & White Ale for $9.49 per 6-pack. That’s $1.50 off regular prices; and SC Variety 12-Packs are just $15.99! We’ll also be hosting a FREE Sugar Creek Tasting on June 9 at O’Darby’s Heckle, 4-7pm. Please come out to join us (and bring a friend!).

Be sure to check out all the new and returning summer beers and ales that are arriving weekly at O’Darby’s Riverchase and O’Darby’s Heckle…lots of your summer favorites as well as some new brews to try out!

O’Darby’s Beer Manager

Sugar Creek Pale Ale - A multicultural fusion combining American and European styles. This ale, brewed with imported Belgian specialty malts supported by a traditional English floor malt backbone, is hopped with some of America’s most popular whole-cone hop varieties yielding a surprisingly refreshing and well-balanced pale ale. Pronounced flavors of fruit, citrus, pine and grapefruit balance a caramelized toastiness from our unique malt combination appealing to both hop-heads and malt-lovers alike. Expect a medium-bodied ale with a dry finish that will lend itself to easy drinking any time of year.

Sugar Creek White Ale - With a recipe that dates back to the 14th Century, this is one of our most traditional craft beers. Our interpretation was inspired directly by Pierre Celis and his original efforts to resurrect this beloved style. This beer is an unfiltered Witbier or “White Beer” to the Flemish-speaking Belgians because of its opaque, white appearance. It measures 4.9% ABV and is a wonderfully refreshing, easy drinking beer enjoyed throughout the year. Its grain bill includes nearly 50% unmalted wheat and oats while it is very lightly spiced with Coriander, Orange Peel, and a touch of other unique flavors. The yeast in this recipe was cultured from the original strain near the town of Hoegaarden in Belgium and adds a pleasant fruitiness during fermentation. Enjoy this beer with or without an orange slice. Although the beer connoisseur might frown at you, we won’t judge you if you ask for one.

Sugar Creek Raspberry Ale - The Sugar Creek Raspberry White Ale is the result of the combination of a watchful eye, like that of a Trappist Monk, with the technical precision of a nuclear engineer. This traditional 14th Century recipe has been revived by our beer engineers using over 500 pounds of fresh raspberries. The Sugar Creek Raspberry White Ale is a naturally vibrant ruby pink in color and pours with a picture perfect white head. The clean, yet subtle, tartness makes this beer the perfect pairing for the Carolina sunshine.

Sugar Creek IPA - Designed to showcase the full flavor and aroma of America's finest hop varieties, this light colored, fragrant ale drinks dry, finishes crisp, and is bursting with hoppy flavors. Recirculation with fresh hop flowers after fermentation accentuates their natural aromas, transporting you to the most mysterious and revered corner of our beer cellar.